“I have learned to voice my opinion freely in a safe environment, and I have especially grown as a leader. Spending time as a facilitator has been a good experience for me to learn to keep the group under control and manage time.”

- KP

“YEP has provided me with a new and unique way of serving my community. YEP has taught me inter-generational, networking, and collaborating skills. I loved learning about programs in the community, and now I have the opportunity to get involved in them on my own. I think what I gained most from YEP is awareness.”


“I feel I have always been pretty good about listening to others' opinions and accepting and seeing their point of view, but YEP has really helped me to continue to practice that skill of being open to other people's opinions and ideas.”

- TL

“I never considered myself a philanthropist until YEP, nor (had) seen the impact it has on our community.”

- ID

“(It has) given me the opportunity to develop leadership skills, meet new people.”

- JB

“It (YEP) has enhanced my communication skills, my problem solving skills, and also by interaction with people skills.”

- BO

“I've learned how to let other people speak up and become a better listener.”

- CP

“I think that one of the most important things that I have learned through YEP is how to work with a team, and have everyone be heard and still make decisions. I think that this is an important skill to take in life, because things are not always going to go your way and you need to learn how to work with others on important decisions.”


“Some of the biggest things I have learned are responsibility and communication skills.”

- SL

“It was the first opportunity I've had to take part in formal meetings. I also have learned a lot about how philanthropy organizations are run.”

- ZH

“(Through) the unique experience of being part of the grant process, I have learned how to read and prioritize according to the know budget we are given.”

- CC

“Because of YEP I have learned how to talk in front of groups of people and overcome my fear of public speaking. At first I was shy and didn't want to speak in the group, but by participating at each meeting, I have gained confidence to do so.”

- JB