In 2007, a new group called Women Moving Millions ushered in an era of recognition that while women are instrumental in making philanthropic decisions, only about 70 cents of every charitable dollar was directed towards programs that had direct impact on women and girls.In 2009, Illinois Prairie Community Foundation invited Tracy Gary, one of the founders of Women Moving Millions, to lead its morning nonprofit workshop, provide the keynote address at the luncheon and meet with 25 local women who were trying to start a local fund to address the issues of women and girls. As a result, the Women to Women Giving Circle was established. The goal was to secure 100 Founding Members who would pledge $3,000 each over a three-year period. This goal was reached in 2012 with 105 Founding Members.

Since its inception, Women to Women has provided annual grants to nonprofit organizations for programs that increase the life skills of women and encourage healthy development and personal authority of young girls. See a list of grants here. Other goals of Women to Women are to educate and increase awareness of the needs of women and children and to expand philanthropy among local women.

Each gift is divided as follows: 45% to the granting fund for current grants, 45% to the endowment so that grants will be available in the future, 5% for program expenses and 5% for administration. If you care about creating opportunities for women and girls to reach their highest potential, please join us by making a gift.