A service of Illinois State University, WGLT was licensed by the FCC in 1966 and began as a student-run radio station heard only in the ISU dorms. Over the decades support from the University and the community allowed GLT (as it is popularly called) to become a full service public radio station, serving a central Illinois audience approaching 30,000 listeners a week at 89.1 and 103.5 FM and listeners all over the world at wglt.org.  An NPR member station, GLT also offers local news and music programs as well as national programs from APM, PRI and PRX. In addition to its main channel, GLT offers an all-blues channel, an all-jazz channel, and an all-acoustic music channel as web streams.

GLT is consistently ranked in the top 5 of all radio stations in McLean County in terms of audience numbers and market share. This ranking has remained in effect in spite of the doubling of radio stations serving our area since the mid-90s. The station’s call letters stand for Gladly Learn and Teach, inspired by the Illinois State University motto: "Gladly we learn and teach".

In the past decade, the GLT newsroom has been honored with 56 Illinois Associated Press awards, 24 regional and 3 national Edward R. Murrow Awards, all for excellence in broadcasting. Seven of GLT’s nine locally-produced podcasts are consistently ranked among the top 20 at iTunes in their respective category. As an independent public radio station, GLT derives 50% of its operating budget from contributions made by individuals, families and businesses in the communities it serves. Explore and donate at http://wglt.org.