reImagine is a creative reuse center in Bloomington-Normal that facilitates creativity, material access and sustainability through the collection, redistribution, reuse and sharing of local creative materials and tools.

reImagine collects clean, used, and unwanted traditional and non-traditional creative material donations from households, individuals, organizations and businesses and redistributes them at a low cost through a non-traditional art supply shop. Materials are reused by a wide array of community members for art, education, invention and other creative purposes.

reImagine is guided by the following educational, environmental and community goals:

  1. To provide a central location for the exchange of used creative materials.
  2. To inspire individual creativity, reuse, resourcefulness and reinvention.
  3. To increase access to affordable and unique creative materials.
  4. To promote sustainable behavior & conserve the earth’s resources.

reImagine aims to conserve natural resources and support community members in their quest to make more sustainable lifestyle choices. reImagine does this by increasing the visibility of second-hand creative materials, by encouraging individuals to reuse good, local materials before purchasing new, and by keeping usable items out of the landfill as long as possible.

Purchasing new arts and crafts materials can be a burden for individuals, households and school systems that wish to create or incorporate creative activities into what they do. By providing a more affordable alternative for obtaining creative materials, we aim to reduce economic gaps so that anyone who wants to create, teach, fix, experiment, decorate, or upcycle is not limited by the money in their pocket.

The ability to explore one’s creativity is a fundamental need and right that provides numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits and can increase quality of life. reImagine offers a unique array of materials to inspire creativity and support individuals’ right to create. reImagine hopes to instill a true long-term spirit of invention and imagination which will positively impact individual lives and increase the resiliency of the Bloomington-Normal community.

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation serves as a fiscal sponsor for reImagine. reImagine is 100% volunteer-run and is currently soliciting material and monetary donations that will allow them to open a physical storefront in the future. The fund at Illinois Prairie Community Foundation will be used to support its future physical location and outreach programs. If you would like to support creative reuse in our community, please make a tax-deductible gift to the reImagine Fund by clicking on the DONATE button below. If you prefer to make a donation in another manner, click here for information. If you would like to donate used creative materials to reImagine, please visit reImagine’s website for more information.