RAM-Global Community Health Worker Sponsorship

RAM-Global, the Rotary Action Group on Malaria with support from Rotary District 6490 and the Normal Rotary Club, set up this fund to train and equip community health workers (CHWs) to work on malaria.

WHY: With extra tools and training, community health workers can lower malaria dramatically, even to zero. We achieved the same results in several countries. It is time to scale this up.

More CHWs mean we can take malaria to zero faster than we ever thought. Faster by year.

HOW: We use the $1,000 to “Sponsor a CHW” to train them in malaria, equip them with a bicycle, rain gear, testing equipment and whatever else, then deploy them. They do the rest, including data collection so we know malaria is treated and then gone.

We have proven results in several countries. We now line up several countries to get to zero.

MATCHING FUNDS: RAM-Australia’s 19 Rotary districts just put up a challenge grant three of their countries: Timor Leste, West Timor and Vanuatu.

Why these three countries? Each proves a critical point. Timor Leste took malaria to zero in January. Now the extra CHWs will help keep it there – and provide data to certify it at zero. Neighboring West Timor is the cross-border source of malaria. The global grant in West Timor can both take malaria to zero and stop the cross-border transmission. Most countries have cross-border issues. What we learn, we share.

Vanuatu just moved up its zero malaria date by two whole years thanks in part to the extra help from Rotarians sponsoring CHWs.

Behind these three are many more, starting with Uganda and Tanzania, where Rotarians are building similar trainings similar to Zambia’s.

In Zambia, results of CHW training were so strong that The Rotary Foundation awarded its first ever Program Of Scale to train and equip an additional 2,000+ CHWs. Before, Zambia had a massive malaria problem. Now, where extra CHWs are trained and deployed, malaria is nearly gone. African countries have more malaria, but the methods still work! We are working to expand them quickly.

Thank you for your contributions to help eliminate malaria.

- Drake Zimmerman, Chair RAM-Global