915 E. Washington St., Suite 2
Bloomington, IL 61701


The mission of the John Wesley Powell Audubon is to engage and promote activities that foster an understanding and appreciation of our natural world and that encourages others to join in this cause.

We also act as a watchdog and bellwether for our environment so that citizens can be informed and empowered with a desire to become effective advocates and stewards and to help restore, maintain and manage our natural communities and ecosystems. By meeting, working and communicating together we hope to enhance the welfare of wildlife and its habitat as well as our own.

We offer programs and field trips to learn about and enjoy nature, its complexity and its beauty and to promote collegiality in working and socializing toward our common goals.  We agree to collaborate with National Audubon and adhere to its policies so that together our programs can contribute most effectively to the welfare of our world. and other content. Learn more here.

The endowment at Illinois Prairie Community Foundation was established in 2001 by Dale Birkenholz and Betty Keough.

If you care about preserving and protecting local flora and fauna, particularly native bird species, consider a gift to the JWP Audubon Endowment.