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In 2010, the Board of Directors identified five fields of interest for which they wished to focus their efforts in endowment-building: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Health and Wellness, and Youth.

The Board recognizes that a community's well being is only as strong as its individual members' physical and emotional health. That's why it supports programs that provide opportunities for people to improve their health by learning preventative measures, playing sports and exercising, accessing healthy food choices, and learning life skills that reduce stress and promote a healthy lifestyle. IPCF health and wellness grants support programs at a wide spectrum of nonprofit settings including early childhood learning centers, public and church-affiliated schools, local colleges and universities, clinics, county health departments, and hospitals. We have funded programs such as community gardens, planning for a full-time dental clinic, immunization clinics, community awareness of mental health issues and more.

Money for annual health and wellness grants comes from the Laura Sullivan Health and Wellness Endowment and contributions to IPCF's Annual Campaign. Once the Illinois Prairie Health and Wellness Endowment reaches endowed status, its annual distributions will be added to the funds available to support excellent health and wellness programs.

Please help us build the Illinois Prairie Health and Wellness Endowment, so that even more can be done.