Our Mission

To achieve social acceptance for all persons on the Autism Spectrum through presentations of "Jon's Story" in the workplace, at schools, in places of worship, and area civic organizations throughout Central Illinois.

About the Founder

“Everyone has unique qualities and special abilities. I know that I can’t cure autism, but I can choose to share my life with others and help them to embrace those living with it.”
~ Jon Miskulin 4/1/12

Jon Miskulin had Asperger’s, a type of Autism. But don’t think of him as someone with a disability. He would rather you consider the opposite – he had extraordinary abilities. In fact, he could show you his super powers!

Jon’s story is one of hope, inspiration, and perspective. He spoke from his early days and diagnosis, to self-discovery, and the epiphany of his mission. Jon shared with others (on and off the spectrum) about how they too can embrace their unique qualities and unleash their super powers! His message was one of social acceptance with an emphasis on embracing diversity.

He shared his story with small groups and large audiences. Upon graduating from high school Jon renamed his foundation H.E.A.L. (Heroes Embracing Autistic Lives), and was asked to speak at public schools, summer camps, civic and religious groups, and Teens Encounter Christ weekend retreats.

The legacy of sharing his super powers continued upon his death in 2013 by giving the gift of life as a Gift of Hope organ donor. Jon’s family continues the work of the H.E.A.L. Foundation by spreading his message for lasting autism acceptance throughout Central Illinois. Each year the H.E.A.L. Foundation presents Hero Awards to honor those seeking Acceptance for Autism in our community. 2018 Family Fun Night and Hero Awards flyer

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