Project Description

Fostering Dignity (FD) provides backpacks to children entering foster care at the time of an investigation by the State of Illinois. The project provides backpacks to Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Investigators. Fostering Dignity exists to bring comfort to a victim of child abuse at the time he or she is most vulnerable. The group established a project fund at Illinois Prairie Community Foundation in October 2013, so that those whose generosity inspires them to help fulfill the mission of Fostering Dignity will have the added incentive of their gifts being tax-deductible.


Fostering Dignity strives to give with a sense of gratitude and abundance to smooth the transition of children being placed in foster care by providing a suitable and dignified carrier for their essential belongings, replacing the current use of a garbage bag. We believe the more a child feels valued the stronger his values will be. We recognize the subtle impact a simple backpack may make in a child’s life. We are certain that Fostering Dignity’s contribution to that child’s need of an organized and dignified transition is worthwhile. Amidst the chaos and confusion of removing that child from his or her home, the backpack is something the child can call his own, a symbol that there are people who care.


In fiscal year 2012, 4,454 Illinois children were removed from homes and placed in protective custody as a result of indicated findings of abuse or neglect. In fiscal year 2013, that number increased to 4,488.

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