Focus and Vision Ministries (FVM) equips individuals, families and communities to thrive. Founders Michael and Katie Rivera were transplanted to Bloomington just over two years ago and since then have been engaging the community in a variety of ways which include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with local organizations by providing job and life skills training, material resources and mentoring, volunteer management and training, and leadership development and training
  • Ministering to the jail population
  • Counseling/providing financial support/empowering individuals with mental health/life issues
  • Connecting individuals with special needs to the proper resources
  • Consulting churches to equip leadership with restructuring and organization

We are excited to continue the work we have been called to do in this community and would appreciate your partnership to move us forward in this endeavor. In the upcoming months we have set out a list of 3 top priorities which include:

  1. Increase Individual/ family discipleship/mentorship in our local church and neighborhood community
  2. Increase community collaboration/partnerships
  3. Increase funding to provide:
    - Office space for FVM, housing for individuals/families
    - Quality housing for individuals/families
    - Administrative/support staff

Additionally, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram (search Focus and Vision Ministries) where we post videos and words of encouragement, inviting our followers to thrive.

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation is acting a financial sponsor for Focus and Vision Ministries. If you would like to donate to Focus and Vision Ministries, please click Donate below and make an online gift. If you prefer to make a donation in another manner, click here for information.