Focus and Vision Ministries (FVM) equips people to thrive. Since starting FVM in 2019 in Bloomington, founders Michael and Katie Rivera have since followed a call to move to Oklahoma.  FVM engages people both in person and virtually in six areas of service:

  1. Speaking/ Preaching: Both Michael and Katie are experienced preachers and speakers. Michael has been preaching and speaking for more than 15 years in the military and civilian sectors. Katie has been preaching and speaking both in the local church and outside ministry events.
  2. Life Coaching: Katie has developed and is currently launching Life Coaching for individuals and small groups, called "Free to Be". Coaching focuses on realizing one's identity in Christ as the foundation of freedom in every area of life, to include: spiritual, relational, thinking, emotional and functional.
  3. Writing: Michael has recently published his first devotional book entitled, "The Word of the Day: Because One Word Can Change Your Life". Katie is Michael's editor and writes devotions and other faith-focused content.
  4. Training/ Teaching: Training and teaching are vital to equipping people to thrive. Having extensive experiential and educational backgrounds, Michael and Katie can provide tools to walk through challenging concepts. Most recently they have created and conducted a 6-week course entitled Freedom in Forgiveness. Most courses/ training can be facilitated virtually or in person. Topics can include, but are not limited to: healthy relationships, leadership, time management and communication.
  5. Counseling: Michael and Katie are passionate about seeing marriages thrive. Together they provide Christian based counseling to walk couples through difficult seasons.
  6. Advising: Having served and been employed in a variety church and ministry settings, the Rivera's are uniquely equipped to identify and objectively address issues that inevitably arise both at an individual and ministry institutional level.

We are excited to continue the work we have been called to do and we thank you in advance for your partnership in this endeavor!

Additionally, you can find us on Facebook at Focus and Vision Ministries, Instagram @focusandvisionministries and YouTube where we post videos and words of encouragement, inviting our followers to thrive.

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation is acting a financial sponsor for Focus and Vision Ministries. If you would like to donate to Focus and Vision Ministries, please click Donate below and make an online gift. If you prefer to make a donation in another manner, click here for information.