In the more than 40 years since the 1971 origin of Operation Recycle, the non-profit Ecology Action Center (EAC) has grown into a major resource for numerous environmental and educational programs, events, workshops and classes. Solid waste and recycling, storm water education and storm drain stenciling, online communication through the website, and newsletters are just some of the programs the EAC provides to the community.

Operation Recycle needed to do considerable renovation to the Hewett House in Normal in 1994 before opening the Ecology Action Center there in February 1995. Even though people had been calling the organization the Ecology Action Center since the opening of the Hewett House in 1995, the formal name of the organization was Operation Recycle until it changed its name in 2004 to the Ecology Action Center.

Environmentally friendly gardening, including composting and minimizing use of pesticides and chemicals, keeping storm drains and drain water clear, hazardous waste disposal and alternatives, reusing or trading objects with others, and alternative energy, such as wind-generated power and electric vehicles, are among the many areas supported by the EAC.

While the EAC presents programs for all ages, a special audience is children. Today’s children—the business and community leaders of the future—have the opportunity to learn about the importance of protecting the environment at a young age. The many children’s programs have included Discovery Walks, Rainforest Adventure, Worm Works (making garbage into soil), and Conservation Kids (which includes fun games about recycling, energy, and water). Learn more here

If you care about preserving the environment and maintaining this local program, please consider a gift to the Ecology Action Center Endowment.