The Community Fund for Public Art aims to increase access to public art in McLean County.

Fund founder David Hauman would like to make Bloomington-Normal a destination for artists and patrons. He feels that art is a vital part of culture. “If you don’t have it (art), life gets very gray, very quickly,” he said.

Acknowledging that not all art is Rembrandt-quality, Hauman believes “the more public and publicly accessible the art, the richer our lives are.”

With that in mind, he established the Community Fund for Public Art to provide access to art “you don’t have to walk through a door to find.”

Publicly accessible art comes in many forms, including murals, statues, 2-dimensional art at storefronts by local artists and rental pieces on public display.

Hauman, a retired fundraiser by profession, is especially interested in interactive art that the public engages with, citing the Rick Harney statues where people can sit with Adlai Stevenson or Abraham Lincoln in Bloomington.

He’d like to see more motion and music incorporated into artwork so that the experience is different for each person. One such example might be a representation of a tree that allows a viewer to move the branches, a bird nest or squirrel nest to where they want to see it and then take a picture with it, essentially bringing the viewer into the artmaking process.

The first grant provided by the fund was to artist Eric Lee (known as E.Lee) to paint a mural on the side of the building at the corner of Prairie and Front streets in downtown Bloomington. View photos of mural's creation.

If you would like to help the Community Fund for Public Art meet its goals, please donate online by clicking on the Donate button below. If you prefer to make a donation in another manner, click here for information.